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Cooking Scheduler

Cooking Scheduler is an Android app available from the Google Play Store for helping you organise your cooking.  You tell it what you want to cook, and when you want to eat, and it will tell you what you need to do and when.  No more forgetting to put the jacket potatoes in the oven, or leaving the gravy in the microwave.  It takes on all the organisational side of cooking, leaving you free to exercise your creative flair!

Customise by adding your favourite recipes, either import them from a website, or enter them by hand using the intuitive step by step UI

Once your favourite recipes have been imported they are saved, so you can cook them whenever you want.

Choose what time you want to eat

Choose what you want to cook

Select as many as you like from a list of dishes

Reminders tell you what to do and when

One you have told the app what you want to cook, and when you want it ready, it will use the notifications system in your phone or tablet to pop up reminders for every step of the way.  

Drag and drop the recipe steps into order, edit them, add new steps.